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 Q: What will attach permanently to my vehicle?

A: For Windout Awnings, a Cassette will be permanently attached to the side or roof of your vehicle.  If you choose sides to the awning, a vertical strip of aluminium P-tracking is also riveted to your vehicle.
For Modular Awnings, horizontal and vertical aluminium P-track is fitted to take the fabric’s beading (keder).

Q: Will I see fixings on the inside of my vehicle
A: We will need to fix through the structural fabric of your vehicle to attach a Windout Cassette/P-tracking.  We try to position these fixings as sympathetically as possible with the vehicle’s internal layout (eg in cupboards) as well as ensuring product integrity.

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Windout Vehicle Awnings
Fitting and Adjustments

Modular Vehicle Awnings
Fitting and Adjustments

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